Career Advice from Seth Sentry — Colour Within The Lines

Ikigai Network
2 min readSep 6, 2020


It’s never too early to start pursuing an accounting or engineering degree

Following our look at the Thundamentals career advice video, Quit Your Job we thought it would be worth highlighting another class Australian act that is helping young people think through what they should be doing with their lives.

In his 2017 magnum opus, Play It Safe Sentry hits on what we at Ikigai Network think is the most important question for young people deciding on what they should do. Do you follow your passion or do you choose a path because it seems like the safest thing to do?

His conclusion is clear:

  1. Money is everything so let it bring you merriment
  2. … get a s#!tty job that makes you sick and tired
  3. Then rent a little box so you can think inside it
  4. Don’t live like I did, don’t follow what your passion is or else you might have nothing but your happiness
  5. Don’t take risks, ’cause risks are risky

Sentry is clearly a fan of what makes America one of the greatest economies in history — he goes on to suggest that you stay home with a rifle and order pizza. Both buying pizza and rifles have been shown to stimulate the economy, so not a bad choice for the more charitably-minded youth of Australia.

What makes this career advice video so engaging though is Sentry’s use of the “opposite day” function, a trick used extensively by his audience but which an adult viewer may have long forgotten. At the end of his presentation he states;

Yeah, life’s a riddle, let me give you all a clue

Go and do the opposite of everything I told you to

We think that Seth Sentry may actually be a follower of a philosophy that we also try to live by at Ikigai Network — i.e. find what you are good at, what the world needs and what you love doing (as well as what you can be paid for, money is not everything but it is something).

Check out Seth Sentry’s career advice video and Ikigai Network’s videos for more info.